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I looked back on the blog post Gira Con Me.  That was in June 2010.  I did long to write another story and Ok I did, two in fact!. This current novelette  flew out of Terry and Jason`s wedding story (Doorways of Perception) on Beauty and the Beast Fanfic. I love taking a complex story and tying it into another. `Blunt Thou the Lion`s Paw` is one which moves me in ways that no other has except the original ‘Thy Sweet Love Remembered’. 

The original premise of most BATB fans was to return Catherine to her lover, part man, part beast Vincent. We held our hearts during this TV series from the 80’s and many of us died in our hearts with Catherine as she left her lover and infant son behind. True to the infallible premise of TV serials/soap operas, the dead can return and there are numerous BATB-SND (she’s not dead) stories online written by faithful fans, including me, who were not satisfied with the horrific ending to what seemed to be a perfect love story. What started out as a fun way to pass the time has become an absorbing hobby with the power to connect me with so many other readers, writers and romantics. And because I`m writing and practising a craft, I have been able to complete two full novels started years ago and get them published.
To create the first story in my series, I listened to Ron Perlman’s Of Love and Hope constantly. Each piece could recall a memory or snippet of one of the shows and fed what was past history into the present story writing. The original series was rich with detail, enough for me to take one or two shows and create nine stories of my own so far. As the characters move forward with their lives and others come and go, I realize how much a piece of music makes the words flow and the story come alive. When Jacob and Cathy got married, the music of Enya made everything fall into place mentally and emotionally. Without the threads of a song, I am not able to find my creative muse. When Jacob and Cathy attended the Governor`s ball in `Judgement of the Heart` Josh Groban`s rendering of Gira Con Me, helped me to visualize what that would look like.
The current offering is a little more melancholic with elements of grief and loss dominating the story line.
However, love will override all and there will be a happy ending, I hope. My muse has not allowed me to know what she has put into my mind but the choice of song is a curious one. I wonder if there is anyone else out there who doesn`t know the ending to a story they are writing but wait for it to evolve.


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