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Last night or rather early this morning, I completed chapter 19 of my 10th online book in the Beauty and Beast series.   After a few days, my mind will turn once more to another chapter which I hope will keep readers from all over the world coming back.  My thanks to fanfiction for allowing us to see where in the world people are enjoying the stories.
I don’t know what it is about series writing that I love but I think getting the chance to watch characters evolve, change and grow is exciting. Of course, having a sort of superhero and now heroine make for interesting challenges. I want them to be believable as people as well.
The original TV series Beauty and the Beast was inspirational to so many. It inspired me to write two published books and of course this series on fan fiction. I doubt that this love of writing could have returned to me without sensing someone elses underlying love of the printed word.
There are many who write in this genre in fanfiction.  There are some who revision or add to the stories which already exist in the time frame of the original series but my stories differ because they are current.
The idea that Catherine and Vincent had a child whose adult life could be remarkable drove me to create just such a character. And, because I am also a balanced person, he needed to have a wife/partner who could balance his energy.

The original series was chock full of interesting characters who provide fodder for ongoing stories.   I hope that Jacob and his amazing wife Cathy will continue to grow and find their full range of gifts even as their own love story grows.
I am always grateful to the backdrop of Vincent, Catherine and some of the original cast of characters who brought love to life in a way that moved all of us and when I can give them active parts in the new series I will do so to honour the originators of the series and the writers who produced the TV program from 1987-1989
Lastly, I have to thank that handsome Russian actor Vasily Stepanov whose face, hair and stature gave me the initial impetus to pursue this story line. He is the epitome of Jacob. I am still looking for a visual of Cathy but she is a remarkable woman, coming into her own.
This past year, I was able to add some Canadian content to the series. I have to admit being proud of my home having a place within the context of the story and one that didn’t feel contrived.
These plot lines continue to evolve from one another in the recesses of my mind. I can’t tell you how one will end until I write the last lines of each book.  This also  makes it fun for me and the readers who enjoy the cliff hanger type adventure.
Thanks to all who read and write me with your comments.


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I have been wishin’ for more time to spend at the joy of writin’. It’s not been happenin’! I am happy to have completed all my course work in anticipation of my ordination at the end of the month. I miss puttin’ in a little note here and there on the blog but I am workin’ hard at somethin’. This weekend and last, I married two couples. The ceremony, no matter how many times I say it, becomes fresh when I look in their happy and hopeful faces.
I am hopin’ that this comin’ week is full of interestin’ information as I prepare for my trip south to NYC. I love that place and I am lookin’ forward to spendin’ time there with like minded souls.
Some good changes have made life more interestin’. I have rented my ‘lighthouse’ and all the pictures which used to grace the walls are now at home with me. File:Italo-Byzantinischer Maler des 13. Jahrhunderts 001.jpgOne of my favourites is the Orthodox Virgin and Child. I am sure there are lots more things to do many of which will not get done wishin’ and hopin’ but those feelings are a necessary part of each day. Without dreams and hope of fulfillin’ those dreams we are lost.

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Thank you

Thanks to everyone who cheered me on before and after my recent trip to Hollywood.
Just to let everyone know, one producer picked up my book. It isn’ t movie time yet but someone was interested.
It was difficult to learn to sell a story in three minutes to people who listen to this all day long but despite being amateurs at the big sell, the opportunity was an amazing experience.
If things go further….. well, I keep my fingers uncrossed and pray.  Thanks for all your encouragement.


Front and back cover by Bryan Davies, Creemore ON

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Grief and Loss

Recently, I was asked to prepare a talk for an upcoming workshop on Bereavement. It’s been a long time.   Back in the 1990’s, as a perinatal nurse and grief counsellor,  my whole existence seemed to revolve around helping mothers and families suffering from the losses experienced in the period from conception to birth. It was a challenging time for the parents to learn to live with terrible unexpected losses in the perinatal period. I can tell you that no school I ever attended was able to help me understand, and no loss of my own could put me in the shoes of another’s person’s grief.

I started in that job at the same time my mother lost her battle with Alzheimer’s. My own aching heart was sympathetic to all profound loss but not as empathetic to the loss of a child or the loss of potential inherent in giving birth to the perfect child, because that was not my experience.  I was, however a good listener and sensitive to the wave of feelings which overwhelm us when unexpected and final change happens.  As I listened and gathered stories, I understood that sharing those stories was a way of helping others.  A frequent question in the grieving process was any version of  ‘am I the only one?’
While preparing for my talk, I realized that  this opportunity to share, with the participants of the workshop, is a way of putting many of those stories back out there.  My hope is that the situations are unique to each individual but not unique to life.  It will help others to know that. 

 It also helped me to realize that their stories and my own triggered the desire to write as a way of healing.  The Will to be True was started at the time of my mother’s passing and finally completed as I learned to come to terms with the loss of a dear friend.
A while ago, I picked up a book called Writing as a Sacred Path. As an Ordained Minister, the title called to me.  Even more, the idea of serving the needs of the soul through writing and teaching appealed to me immensely. To ‘be the voice of human experience’  is indeed a worthy and immense responsibility but the learning potential, both for authors and readers, is vast.

My grief and loss will not leave me ever. Losing those I love to the finality of death is painful.  No circumstance will ever mitigate that final goodbye.  Yet, like the clients, patients and friends with whom I share this intensely personal fact of life, our ability to validate and learn from each other’s grief is the cornerstone of love.  

I have always thought of my book as a love story in which the characters defy the odds to find happiness.  Defying the odds is simply putting our grief and loss on hold and allowing trust and love to override its paralyzing effects and be the great healer.

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