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Writing has become second nature to me now. There is always a story going on somewhere in my head, or being realized on my computer. I prefer when the story starts in my head. I drive a lot and observe the beautiful scenery until somewhere in the back of my mind a character pops out with a thought or challenge and suddenly I want to know more.
Occasionally, when I am writing one story, another one suddenly demands a voice, as it did when I temporarily halted Crossroads of Past Present and Future to tell the story of my characters Helene and Howard in the novelette, The High Water Mark, in Fiction Press. After taking a break I returned to my longer novel, Crossroads, and finally finished it this month.
What I know is that I love to tell stories. Finding a storyline usually starts with a few words someone may say innocently, words from a song, a thought which suddenly fills my head, or an article I read. There are many sources.
The Will to Be True comes from the song Please Help Me I’m Falling. Those words have been in my head since the 60’s waiting to fill in the backstory of the song.
Sitting, pondering at the end of a novel, as I am now, I feel a sense of loss between me and the characters who have actively been a part of my life for a year. I miss them and long to peep in and see what’s happening. Writing aimlessly is pointless. The story must have a viable beginning, so I wait for the inspiration.
I thought not to write again, but I also love challenges. When I looked at the legacy stats I see that I have written more than 750,000 words. If I add my two books it is close to one million. With that, I am now committed to meeting a new milestone before I put away the lap top and rest.


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