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Valentino’s day entreaty

I am not overly excited about the ‘lovers’ day. Anyone who reads my stories will know,  in each chapter, love is the overriding theme.  Each story contains many moments of intimacy. Loving is an everyday thing. Who cares if you buy me flowers today and ignore my needs for the other 364?  Remember to show me that you love me everyday just as I will show you. Are you are happy to see me when I come home or happy to hear from me when I call?  If you fail to appreciate me everyday, one day is not going to make our love real.
Take me out to dinner once a week so we can talk or be my date even if we are just going to the supermaket.   Be my kind and gentle lover or my passionate partner depending on what we both need.
One day? No everyday! be my my velentino or valentina. If we remember and honour everyday why we fell in love and decided to be together it will give us the strength to face those times when our relationship is challenged.


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