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When I decided to restart the Healing/Meditation Services of Hestia’s Hearth, it was a big step and a big commitment. I really wanted to just sit back and take life easy but found out quickly that my life didn’t work under that premise. Being busy is what mattered.

In the planning, it was important to create a environment in which all participants could find their own way using music as a backdrop to the journey. Choosing an opening song was challenging, but Dan Fogelberg was an amazing song-writer/singer who had a deep and abiding soul. He created some of the most engaging tunes I have ever heard. I met him on the radio one night several years ago singing River of Souls. It was one of those terrible times when a song ends and the DJ does not say who was singing. I had to call the radio station, repeat some of the lines which I could recall and the time I heard the song played before I got the title. I have loved Dan ever since.

When I was preparing the music for the meditation, I listened to the album for inspiration, hearing for the first time, in probably 10 years, the first song, ‘There’s a Magic Every Moment. Sometimes you know immediately that the song fits the bill. During my recent travel to ‘Hollywood’ for ‘judithwould’, I heard that song play over and over in my head. I know that it was admonishing me to pay attention to who I met and what I saw during the short trip. That, Is the magic of music! There were so many miracles of love and support and friendship during my short stay that I have to write about them one by one but I was also able to experience them in the moment by being aware. It’s a lovely feeling.


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After a whirlwind trip to Hollywood, I can say that I learned a lot about myself and who I could be.
The best part of my trip apart from the business end was meeting with some awesome folks who have done similar things to what I have done, who feel the same anxiety and insecurity about putting out their life’s work, but who did it anyway!

Wow!.. I have been to LA before, thanks to my dearest friend who passed away in 2005. We had a great time on Rodeo Dr., in Malibu and just taking in the sights and sounds of the legendary city. This time I went to fulfill a childhood dream, because the opportunity was presented to me. My hotel was located on The Avenue of Stars surrounded by MGM, Century Fox, etc. You get the idea.

I don’t know how many times I have told my clients that spending time with other people who are sharing your experience builds your own confidence and gives you support. The truth of my words came back to haunt me in the nicest way. Strangely, the concept of shared anxiety and excitement was echoed in my choice of flight movie, Love and Other Drugs with Jake Gyllenhaal and Anne Hathaway.   Please see it.

So, one hundred and fifty or so aspiring authors from across Canada and US got together with reps from the industry. Our goal was to sell our compelling stories to the arts media. The ages ranged from 15 to 90+ years. Some of the stories put out were fascinating to me, others less so but what was most compelling was the individual’s own journey into authorship and their belief in the rightness of what they were doing. I was inspired.

I commend the organizers for keeping anxiety to a low level hum, while helping all of us to put our best foot forward in selling our stories. I will write a little more about this journey in the days to come but for now I can ‘chill down’ and think about my next move.

I remember when my second son passed his driver’s test. He walked down the road towards me but didn’t see me immediately. When he did, he jumped up in the air and pumped his fist in utter relief and release for that small challenge met. I am too old to jump and too conservative to do fist pumping but I sure can relate to what he felt that day.


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