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This year 2010 is the slowest yet for weddings. Every year, I have officiated at more than 10-15, a small number to be sure but they fill the summer weekends. This year I will have but one. It saddens me to think that our young people can’t find it in their heart to make a commitment to marriage and to stick with it. Marriage builds character. It is the ultimate exercise in compromise..not our principles but our onesidedness. Learning to be with another in harmony is difficult…letting go of our inner turmoil and not letting it poison our lives is the biggest challenge. it strikes me as interesting that there are those individuals who are struggling for the right to say to their partner, we are married, in our eyes and those of the law. We could learn lessons from them.
I will enjoy my one and only wedding this summer and continue to write stories which have that elusive happy ending, even if the road along the way is bumpy.


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