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I don’t know if I am like other people. I would hope so, but sometimes I wonder. I like driving. For me, it is a stress reducing exercise. It’s like being in a bubble, a world of my own where I can think, sing, listen to music, or plan. A whole idea, which germinated in the morning can transform into something different once it has passed the filters of a long drive.
I already knew that most of my stories and blogs are formulated while driving on those long winding lanes of Southern Ontario, but now that I have suspended active writing while learning to play the guitar, I am acutely aware that my life needs transforming. It came to me through this series of posts about leaves and aging, and signs and omens. This is a big time of year for me as an individual. Using the word transformation is significant.
I know that astrologers and astronomers have delisted the Planet Pluto.  However, there are still some of us who love its energy because we believe in its transformative nature.  It is for me, as David Hawkins writes, the struggle between power vs force and which one will determine my future behaviour.  In the past few weeks, Pluto has gone from its retrograde state to moving forward.  For those of us spellbound by its energy, the release has opened up several doors in which thought and process become active.  This past week I have seen and heard the word Transformation many times.  In keeping with the idea of paying attention to signs and omens, I picked up my Tarot of Transformation, surely the work of a Pluto afficiando.  I will layout a few cards of this beautiful deck and see what they tell me.
It is time for change. I see it in the leaves, as well as the events and cycles shifting before my eyes.   The filter of driving confirms this shift.  I have seen something new on the horizon and need to move towards it.


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