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As part of an exercise in reflection, I read a book about creating a vision board. I introduced the concept to the wonderful group of women who meet with me on those specially designated ‘five’ Monday months. I thank them for their insight.
Each of us was charged with the task of creating our own board using the elements of everyday which support us or give life to ideas.
I started out with the idea of a path which I would follow from a designated point A to B. It would be one which I already walked and had been clear to me since childhood. The idea never took root in my soul. The board remained just a sheet of paper with a few lonely lines. An incomplete concept!
But, my life was not incomplete. It has been full and adventurous and rewarding and challenging. So I let my own board slip into near oblivion over the summer weeks. Each time I stared at the empty cardboard, it stared back at me inviting some concrete proof that what I thought, of my life, was worth recording.
In the meantime, another project, the dream pillows, heart shaped, scented cusions which induce dreams lay dormant. The pillows were completed and stuffed with cotton but the scents needed to call forth unseen dreams lay protected in jars. The squares I used to cut out the pattern were left with an empty heart shaped centre bordered by colourful material. Suddenly, I saw the possibility of my vision board.
Heart shaped windows, into which I could neatly place objects that represented each phase of my life.
The first heart, was of course my conception. The colours of the outer border were a unique mix of everything which could one day comprise a human – yellow, beige, reds, black. Into the centre I placed a matching material with an oval pattern containing almost the same colours. To be sure, I called it the┬áThe Chaos at Conception.
Voila! My first heart shaped window was born. Five windows later, I had my life vision board from conception to death as I have seen it and would like it
to end.
A wonderful and challenging exercise has revealed to me a life I can be proud of and the simple visual archetypes and icons used, lend a meaningful but uncomplicated sense of pleasure.


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