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Well I took the almighty plunge and bought a new phone. When I bought my last one, it was already obsolete but looked like a manageable tool to my eyes. I could write on the screen which was a bonus.  I had a palm for years before that and loved it.
I am not into the iPhone although it is lovely. I fell in love with the HTC brand because I love the android market and tools or I suppose the word is ‘Apps’. Each to his own.

Most retailers help you to sort through your needs so that the phone meets your personal criteria. Nothing will ever do it all, but most important for me was the need for a screen which I could see without glasses.

The ideal would be a tablet. There are quite a few coming out on the market shortly. Are you anxious to get one? I am! But, I am waiting, biding my time checking to see which one will be best for my needs. In the meantime, I hope I have a phone whose battery will last longer than 12 hours and one which allows me to see without having to put on the glasses.


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