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Thank you

Thanks to everyone who cheered me on before and after my recent trip to Hollywood.
Just to let everyone know, one producer picked up my book. It isn’ t movie time yet but someone was interested.
It was difficult to learn to sell a story in three minutes to people who listen to this all day long but despite being amateurs at the big sell, the opportunity was an amazing experience.
If things go further….. well, I keep my fingers uncrossed and pray.  Thanks for all your encouragement.


Front and back cover by Bryan Davies, Creemore ON


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On the 26th of May, 2011, AuthorHouse published my second book, Suspect: Love, A Profound Prophecy.  I am very excited about its release.  Like The Will to be True/In the Shadow of the Blackbird, it was written some time ago.  The draft of it sat for years on the shelf waiting, like Cinderella,  for the right time to be turned into a soft cover novel.  I received my first copy in the mail last week and with its completion, I feel that I have fulfilled a promise to a couple of  people who were  instrumental  in encouraging me to write stories from my heart.  They have both passed away now but their spirits were guiding me all along.

What took me so long?  I don’t know.  I love both the stories and I hope that readers will too.  I am thankful to my brother-in-law Bryan Davies for providing me with lovely photographs of Italy which grace the front and back cover.  He has an extraordinary talent for capturing the right moment, or the right spirit, or both, in everything he photographs.  I am also grateful to my family and several close friends who have been very supportive and of course my sister Gertrude who helps me to edit all my work.

A couple of quotes from Suspect: Love….

‘Rosanna knew her thoughts were unworthy, but fear of an unknown circumsatnce flickered along nerve endings, sending a clear signal that, if she continued, her life would never be the same again.  Fate and free will warred witin her.  In a heartbeat, fate had taken over.  The elevator landed with a soft whirr on the ground floor ending any thought of retreat.’

‘Love can remove many boundaries, including and especially those built by fear.’

Here is a synopsis of the story.

Rosanna, a highly educated, professional nurse in her mid-thirties is hoping for a promotion from a dead-end supervisory night job.  She is on the shelf as far as her old fashioned Italian family is concerned.

During a crisis, she ‘meets’ Angus Howard, a dedicated pediatric specialist who leads a dynamic research project close to her heart.
Stepping outside of her comfort zone, she spends a passion-filled weekend with him, engaged in some unexpected research into her own long dormant feelings.  Before the relationship gets off the ground, a long awaited promotion comes through.  It is the opportunity of a lifetime!  As part of her new duties, she is appointed, as a lone female, to participate on a powerful hospital executive committee whose mandate is to investigate a charge of fraud by the very man who has already engaged her heart.  Her sudden defection from his life leaves a trail of pain and suspicion in which he believes she used him to further her career. 

Their large and remarkable families try to intervene and help save the relationship but Rosanna knows that she has no choice but to fight to preserve the integrity of his career.  Her decision only serves to keep them apart.

The title will soon be available for purchase at AuthorHouse or any of the other online book sellers.  I keep thinking that I will not write another book but since I decided to get cracking and finish these two books, I have written 9 full length adventures for Fanfiction.  Online stories count.  I thank the many people around the world who enjoy the Beauty and the Beast series and encourage me to keep finding challenges for the characters in an updated version of the original 1987 TV show.

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Plodding on

I can’t believe how single minded I was in getting my first book published.  Definitely not my usual character which embraces many forms of  procrastination.  I just can’t apply myself in a steadfast way to stuff which doesn’t interest me.  My second book does.  I loved the story line and embraced the characters.  Why the big slowdown? 

Unlike the last time when I had to make a neverending series of costly corrections, I decided this time to be absolutely sure that the finished product was definitely finished.  However what I learned is that reader fatigue comes with practiced work.  After all this time, the words flow in my vision and I hardly have to read the pages.   I have seen each one of the 65,000 words many times.  I have written them, pondered them and applied them to paper so many times that even when the mind knows change is necessary, it can’t do it.  I just don’t see it!

So I set my book aside.  I immersed myself in writing another book for the online fanfic series which is almost done. Then  and only then did I decide to review book II.  Really, it was like looking at a new story.  Not so many errors this time. 

Making hard copies is useful for me.  Perhaps that’s not true for  everyone born of  the computer generation but I grew up reading and hard copies make me feel secure.

So the final copy is off to the publishers.  I look forward to getting the ‘hard copy’ from them.  Nothing ever happens in isolation.  My sister is a wonderful help in editing.  She questions threads which don’t connect.  Her new husband is an extraordinary photographer.  His work is on the front and back cover. 

Because I am writing here, I think excitement is beginning to thread through my veins.

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I wrote ‘The Will to be True’ and finished it with every intention of putting the darn thing away. It was nicely bound in a three ring binder (ugh!) with some old black and white graphics as a cover. The idea was to write and not necessarily publish. Publishing came later…much later. It took twenty years in fact to get that book to press. For one thing, the story was incomplete, too short, and the characters were not well rounded. Now a days, I consider that merely a draft.  then,  I thought my life was complete.  Writing for Dummies says that there may be many drafts before the final product is ready to go to market and in hindsight, they are right.
Taking two years to get to a final product was the best thing that could have happened. I wrote 7 other stories in the meantime and got a feel for how I would really like to present a book to the world.
Another book which I wrote soon after The Will to be True is also now complete and on its way to the printer.
I don’t have the same angst about sending Suspect, Love out. It is not as long as the first book. It is complete and a story which I have longed to tell. Fated love! I believe very strongly in that principle.
I was deeply inspired to flesh out that draft and get it to press by thoughts which come to me from some other source. In book 8 of the Beauty and the Beast stories on fanfiction, I wrote this exchange between two of the seconday characters.
‘Because, I firmly believe in the power of fate to draw the right people together at the right time and I truly believe that fate and faith takes us to certain places in this life which will provide the opportunity to grow and learn. If you had a clear vision when you first saw your wife, you will know what I am talking about. Do you remember the moment you felll in love with her?’

‘The instant I saw her on a horse. When I watched her ride, she was without equal. It was as if she and the animal were one. The raw potential of it generated feelings in me which I had never experienced.’

There may not be many people who experience that kind of love at the outset, but if we think about it, many of us know in the instant when the love is for real if we open ourselves to it the insight.  I will never be able to craft a story which doesn’t have some secondary issues of trouble or trauma but the love will always transcend the setbacks. 

My dear brother in law has provided me with the most fitting photos for the cover.  I am very excited about seeing the finished product.

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