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Getting back to basics

It is amazing how we allow important gifts of nature to lose ground in our lives. Recent events in my life have brought me back to the simple and curative properties of herbs.
What I learned, quite a few years ago, was the incredible properties of herbs available in so many different format. Just eating small meals frequently, juicing fresh veggies and fruits, using herbal teas and living well can make such a difference in your life, as it did in mine.

I suppose the easy way out- for example, take a pill and sleep when you have insomnia- makes sense in the moment but truthfully, covering up on-going issues with a short term solution just creates and perpetuates a chronic problem.

I am all for melding modern and ancient remedies when they work synergistically. Caring for our body’s day to day health is worth it.  Take a little time to see how adding a few simple herbal products to your daily routine will help.  Use the services of a trained practitioner if you are unsure.
Sometimes the miracle is found directly from the earth!


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