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I have never been one to take drugs. Hate what they do to me. I am not, however, against its appropriate use for others who need it. I have worked with women for years and seen the long and short term effects of abuse and mental health problems on thier lives. Clearly the safest and speediest choice is MD moderated medication. I am too chicken. Maybe I just didn’t need it but I could have been wrong.
I tried to drown my sorrows by drinking lots of water. It helped. I wasn’t thirsty anymore but I was still sad. I tried to write myself out of depression. That helped but then I became antisocial. Writing takes a lot of time away from human interaction. What to do?
I did my research to find people who were happy. What did they do?  The most pleasure seemed to manifest when people were eating and not just eating regular food. The most blissful personae seemed to be those who were devouring chocolate.  That had also been off my agenda.  I couldn’t let  go of the vision of devouring a delightful piece of chocolate.  There must be just the right chocolate for me.
In my research, I finally  found a product which fit the bill. I needed something round, to give the appearance of taking a pill….(psychological uplift).   I wanted something dark….(more cocoa – intense response).   I needed a  little treat at the centre….().  I thank the kind person who introduced me to the best resource.  My supplier even had an address close to home.
Ever tried those Lindt balls? Lovely. I will now take one or two, depending on the level of distress per day. To avoid taking an overdose, i asked my husband to dispense them daily.
Ahhhhhh! Definitely the better option for me.


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