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For a movie lover, I am stunned to think about how long it has been since my last trip to an actual cinema. I have been content to sit and wait until a new release comes out on DVD.  Perhaps, in my mind not much has been worth the time and effort and money.  I suppose a willing companion would have been helpful but not necessary.
My hubby and I often sit and watch movies marathon fashion over a  weekend if I am not working. We used to rent three or four and spread them out over the two days.  I had a Blockbuster Gold CArd.  Even though I don’t want to give a plug to Rogers communications, they do make it easy to download and watch movies at my own convenience.  Bell, not so much.
So. my last cinema movie was X.  Yes indeed the biopic of Malcolm X starring Denzil Washington. The story and the lead actor were worth the effort. What would draw me to another show after all these years?
It can’t just be the actor. The movie itself has to contain an element of history which is meaningful to me. Colin Firth starring in the King’s Speech was more than worth it.  I have seen most of his movies.  He really engaged my heart while speaking Portuguese in Love, actually.
His role in the King’s Speech engaged my heart once again.  I have grown up with the story of Queen Elizabeth. I was a little girl when she was crowned queen. She has been a role model of sorts but her father’s story was so much more compelling. We can assume that divine right gives royals special powers but that simply isn’t true. They are lucky or unlucky (fated) enough to be born into a family line which carries immense history. Bertie was not meant to be King but his fated royal birth took him in another direction. (Losing the right of free will is distinctly unlucky

Watching Firth negotiate the painful passage was worth every minute of the movie. No wonder Elizabeth is such a great feminine role model for the world. The constraints of her office might make her seem distant but her parents gave her such a model of strength to use in the discharge of her duties.
The saddest thing I have observed in the story of George V!, is the day he went to the airport to say goodbye to his daughter as she travelled to Kenya. His face spoke volumes. There was a sad and worried quality about it. I always think that he knew it would be the last time he would see her and regret for the awful burden he would place on her young shoulders with his death.
A great movie…go see it!


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