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When I decided to restart the Healing/Meditation Services of Hestia’s Hearth, it was a big step and a big commitment. I really wanted to just sit back and take life easy but found out quickly that my life didn’t work under that premise. Being busy is what mattered.

In the planning, it was important to create a environment in which all participants could find their own way using music as a backdrop to the journey. Choosing an opening song was challenging, but Dan Fogelberg was an amazing song-writer/singer who had a deep and abiding soul. He created some of the most engaging tunes I have ever heard. I met him on the radio one night several years ago singing River of Souls. It was one of those terrible times when a song ends and the DJ does not say who was singing. I had to call the radio station, repeat some of the lines which I could recall and the time I heard the song played before I got the title. I have loved Dan ever since.

When I was preparing the music for the meditation, I listened to the album for inspiration, hearing for the first time, in probably 10 years, the first song, ‘There’s a Magic Every Moment. Sometimes you know immediately that the song fits the bill. During my recent travel to ‘Hollywood’ for ‘judithwould’, I heard that song play over and over in my head. I know that it was admonishing me to pay attention to who I met and what I saw during the short trip. That, Is the magic of music! There were so many miracles of love and support and friendship during my short stay that I have to write about them one by one but I was also able to experience them in the moment by being aware. It’s a lovely feeling.


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