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I have been wishin’ for more time to spend at the joy of writin’. It’s not been happenin’! I am happy to have completed all my course work in anticipation of my ordination at the end of the month. I miss puttin’ in a little note here and there on the blog but I am workin’ hard at somethin’. This weekend and last, I married two couples. The ceremony, no matter how many times I say it, becomes fresh when I look in their happy and hopeful faces.
I am hopin’ that this comin’ week is full of interestin’ information as I prepare for my trip south to NYC. I love that place and I am lookin’ forward to spendin’ time there with like minded souls.
Some good changes have made life more interestin’. I have rented my ‘lighthouse’ and all the pictures which used to grace the walls are now at home with me. File:Italo-Byzantinischer Maler des 13. Jahrhunderts 001.jpgOne of my favourites is the Orthodox Virgin and Child. I am sure there are lots more things to do many of which will not get done wishin’ and hopin’ but those feelings are a necessary part of each day. Without dreams and hope of fulfillin’ those dreams we are lost.


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