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Three in the morning

I don’t know if three in the morning is any better than four but at least at four am I can legitimately sing Paul Simon’s song.  On my mind these days is Rod Stewart’s American songbook.  He is singing my music.  No matter how old I get, or what comes on the market, I am just old enough to have been born at the time when Judy Garland, Andy williams, Peggy Lee, Eartha Kitt, Frank Sinatra, Sammy Davis Jr. and so many other came on to those old variety shows and sang the standards which we all knew and loved.  The Ed Sullivan hour among others,  was a staple in our house, but then my parents loved music and so did I.

This morning, the only sounds are the ongoing wail of the little ones who are trying to sleep in a world which makes no sense to their weird unknown bodies, no longer floating around in water and yet real.  The mothers are bleary eyed and wondering what they were thinkin when they decided to have another baby.  I don’t blame them.  I just sent off an email to a friend saying that I would never want to take one home again.  I would rather negotiate a sale.  I didn’t feel like that when I was twenty four and bringing home my first.  What a difference forty years makes! 

OK so childrearing is hard and babies take a lot of work and I could spend hours teaching new parents about not taking their kids too seriously and try to have fun with them.  They do grow up and get better sometimes,  but at three in the morning when the screaming cry has been going on for hours and the kid shows no sign of wanting to sleep ever and Mom’s backs and breasts ache and Dad is gone home and sleeping in the nice queen sized bed, they must wonder what the hell was I thinking!

So back to music and Rod Stewart…what comes to mind this morning at three am is a really old favourite, ‘That Old Black Magic’.  It used to be a performed by all the old singers but none were as exciting as Keeley Smith and Sam Butera.  Their antics always had me laughing.  It is also my power song for the most recent novelette in the Beauty and the Beast fanfic stories.  Well I need a little magic to get me through the rest of the morning until it’s time to go home.  Please make it soon….


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