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I am home now and really happy to be back in my own surroundings, although the cold and snow leaves a lot to be desired.  It could be worse.  The weather is actually better than when we left.  It is Christmas eve but there is enough snow to get Santa across the world.  I have asked old St. Nick to give this house a pass if someone more needy can get a bit extra.  I will give him a helping hand today.

When I left Jamaica yesterday, the young man who checked me in was the same one who had been responsible for helping passengers to complete and process their missing luggage form.  He smiled in recognition as I approached the check in counter.  I thanked him again for being so polite and respectful on the day we arrived.  Just as he did then, the booking-in details were done quickly and efficiently.  I would not have expected less.  My original seat was moved to allow me to have a row all to myself as the aircraft wasn’t full.  That was a bonus courtesy of the young man.  I slept for 2/3’s of the flight, undisturbed.   

Before we took off, and I don’t know if this is by design,  I was seated over the hatch door which takes in luggage.  Through my window, I could clearly see both of my two cases being loaded.  The sight of them was reassuring.  How often does that happen?

 It wasn’t busy in Toronto when we arrived.  I got through customs and immigration quickly.  I made my way to the carousel to collect my luggage.  It hadn’t come up yet.  We were that quick.  Of the first four bags to come out of the shoot, both of mine were included.  Divine intervention or help on the ground?  I don’t know.  For me at least, alls well that ends well.


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