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I don’t know about other writers but getting a story in my head is one thing, actually being able to create action without a character fascimile is difficult.  When I started writing for fanfic, I looked through hundreds of photos for a visual of what my young hero might look like.  He needed to be an amazing combination of Catherine (Linda Hamilton) and Vincent (Ron Perlman).

I started my search knowing that in the final year of the series, Vincent and Catherine have a child who is kidnapped.  As the story unfolds, and we see his son we knew then that the Man/beast and Catherine had produced a child who appears without any of the facial markings which characterize Vincent.

As the primary story developed, I would add some physical powers to ensure that he inherited something from his father and this story line evolved into an entire history.  As I searched for photos of someone who could inspire me to write, I finally came across a young Russian actor who was being celebrated for starring in a new movie entitled, Inhabited Island.

He couldn’t have been more perfect.  Vasily Stepanov became my ideal.  Every time a new photo came out, I would check and note how he changed, matured, dressed and acted (in videos of him).  He has been a true inspiration.  His eyes, hair, action and innocence portrayed in the movie allowed me to create a persona for my stories.

I can’t understand his language but he has a lovely booming voice and beautiful eyes which remind me of Vincent and a smile which could have come right from Catherine.  I continue to celebrate his looks, talent and hope that he is able to achieve the career goals in Russia and anywhere he choses.

In looking for something new today for my next story, I came across this video which I had never seen.  Clearly someone else has seen something in him which is inspiring musically and I thank the creator of the video.  Right away it got my mind thinking about when I wrote my first story, how much the character has matured and indeed, a new story line is already forming for the future.

I am grateful to him, have thanked him personally via Facebookand wish him all the best.  I thought that some of my fanfic readers who check out this blog would like to see him. And,  if you love the character Jacob, you will love this video.  I sure did!


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