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I have tried to stay away from the seductive pull of writing. Study has had to take priority over the fun of creativity. I could not resist forming the occasional paragraph at the end of a days study. It’s a strange way to write chapters and very different from my usual information resourcing.
I think in this story I will make it easy and write about a work related event so that it will be easier to craft something.
Each time I work out an opening, I seek out the sonnets of Shakespeare for my for my inspiration. The one I chose this time was the 78th for its hommage to the muse. If anyone who writes does not believe in the power of the muse to bring ideas to the surface, just check out the words of the great bard.
How lovely it is!
In addition to writing, I get to imagine my young hero in action once again using the handsome Vasily Stepanov as my actor in the drama unfolding in the streets and tunnels of New York City.


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