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Today marks the beginning of a new chapter in a dream nearly 15 years in the making. As a child I was profoundly affected by the way in which Sunday morning televised church services used to hold my interest. It wasn’t the message although that came through but it was the way in which several ministers, particularily Oral Roberts used the power of ‘laying on hands’ to heal the sick. I know that some of that may have been made for TV style but at heart I also believed in the power of prayer and a strong personal belief to affect cures. I think I have spent a lifetime trying to understand how to help people through the worst times of their lives using as little as possible from modern medicine.  I recognize the value of medicine to work its own kind of science but there have been times when only prayer has made the difference.
After getting my degree in Divinity, I worked with my partners to establish a community organization which would provide the kind of healing support which falls between active medical care and the end of life. In my experience, only prayer and more prayer or meditative practice can bridge the gap.
Healing is an individual process which can be helped by support from others. Today the healing ministry which was started with such high hopes so many years ago, comes back to life. We will welcome all to our serivces. The title of our opening song, written by Dan Fogelberg’ is, ‘There’s a magic every moment, and goes on to say that ‘there’s a miracle each day.’ I sincerely believe this to be true. I don’t think we will rise to the level of Oral Roberts in our size and scope for our little place in Creemore is limited but we hope to make change in the lives of those who share in our vision for wellness and healing.


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