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A little while ago, I wrote about signs and omens and the need to pay attention to simultaneous or concurrent events in your life.
So I am trapped at the moment in two events which have meaning but the message is not clear.
Two friends recently travelled to Africa. They did not go together and don’t know each other at all. They went to different places for different reasons. Both returned with a cloth gift for me. I was surprised and pleased by both.
One was a cloth purse made in Kenya. It had a simple shoulder strap, was big enough to hold a couple of books, could be closed with a zippered edge. As a purse lover, really I have lots  of bags and costly ones too and yet I adore the simple function of the gift from Kenya.
My other cloth gift was a Masai Shula in a red and blue plaid. It doesn’t have the same look as a tartan but the colours are similar to the MacGregor Clan which is featured in my new book. The second friend travelled to Tanzania on a humanitarian effort. Why she thought to bring something back for me, I don’t know but I was surprised and pleased to have a gift from the continent of some of my ancestors.
So what does it mean to have a simple purse and a simple piece of material to wrap my body? Don’t know. but if anyone out there has an idea…..?


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