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I wrote ‘The Will to be True’ and finished it with every intention of putting the darn thing away. It was nicely bound in a three ring binder (ugh!) with some old black and white graphics as a cover. The idea was to write and not necessarily publish. Publishing came later…much later. It took twenty years in fact to get that book to press. For one thing, the story was incomplete, too short, and the characters were not well rounded. Now a days, I consider that merely a draft.  then,  I thought my life was complete.  Writing for Dummies says that there may be many drafts before the final product is ready to go to market and in hindsight, they are right.
Taking two years to get to a final product was the best thing that could have happened. I wrote 7 other stories in the meantime and got a feel for how I would really like to present a book to the world.
Another book which I wrote soon after The Will to be True is also now complete and on its way to the printer.
I don’t have the same angst about sending Suspect, Love out. It is not as long as the first book. It is complete and a story which I have longed to tell. Fated love! I believe very strongly in that principle.
I was deeply inspired to flesh out that draft and get it to press by thoughts which come to me from some other source. In book 8 of the Beauty and the Beast stories on fanfiction, I wrote this exchange between two of the seconday characters.
‘Because, I firmly believe in the power of fate to draw the right people together at the right time and I truly believe that fate and faith takes us to certain places in this life which will provide the opportunity to grow and learn. If you had a clear vision when you first saw your wife, you will know what I am talking about. Do you remember the moment you felll in love with her?’

‘The instant I saw her on a horse. When I watched her ride, she was without equal. It was as if she and the animal were one. The raw potential of it generated feelings in me which I had never experienced.’

There may not be many people who experience that kind of love at the outset, but if we think about it, many of us know in the instant when the love is for real if we open ourselves to it the insight.  I will never be able to craft a story which doesn’t have some secondary issues of trouble or trauma but the love will always transcend the setbacks. 

My dear brother in law has provided me with the most fitting photos for the cover.  I am very excited about seeing the finished product.


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