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Friends and Filosofia

I am so happy that as an adult, I have had the opportunity to really learn the value of friendship. We will know a lot of people in our lifetime but true friends are rare. I don’t know what constitutes a good friend. If you ask me to list the qualities, specific to friendship, I couldn’t say. There are so many people who are kind, loving, gracious, helpful etc. Any conceived list can go on in detail but without a personal connection, which transcends the obvious, people will continue to come and go in our lives. A small few will remain and be that trusted anchor who serves a unique role in our lives. What makes those folks different? I know that my best friends challenge me to be better, do better, understand better but don’t chastise me if I fail to meet their standards because they know that only I can meet the goals I set for myself. I hope to offer the same in friendship.
I will not list the people I have known who fulfill that mirroring role in my life. For those who know me, they are already aware how much they are valued. Because above all, if we don’t learn the lessons they teach, or if we fail to appreciate the beauty and love they bring into our lives, and say so, time will come when it is no longer possible.
Among my friends is mujerfilosofia, who finds within her mind and heart, simple words which are thought provoking, practical and easy to absorb. For that reason, I am always happy to share what she writes, usually as tweets but I was so moved by her thoughts in a recent email, that I decided to include it here with her permission. Mujer helps me to see the world from another’s eyes and therefore expand and open my own consciousness towards others.

Thoughts from @mujerfilosofa
Who are those who have expectations for us?
As a child grows and developes, his parents and teachers have hopes for who they
will become. It has a lot to do with who they are themselves.

All those events and experiences in life continue to shape and define who we are.
It is a process quite different for each of us.

Eventually, one’s true feelings, and longings lead us to where we must go.
No matter how many people try to steer us to what they consider the ‘right path’, where
we end up has more to do with what we are seeking and what gives meaning and happiness
to our existence.

Society may define what is expected of us.
What we eventually do is based more on our own views.
It is why we end up struggling when their ‘ways’ are not what is ‘natural’ to us.

Square pegs in round holes will never do.


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