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I have tried to stay away from the seductive pull of writing. Study has had to take priority over the fun of creativity. I could not resist forming the occasional paragraph at the end of a days study. It’s a strange way to write chapters and very different from my usual information resourcing.
I think in this story I will make it easy and write about a work related event so that it will be easier to craft something.
Each time I work out an opening, I seek out the sonnets of Shakespeare for my for my inspiration. The one I chose this time was the 78th for its hommage to the muse. If anyone who writes does not believe in the power of the muse to bring ideas to the surface, just check out the words of the great bard.
How lovely it is!
In addition to writing, I get to imagine my young hero in action once again using the handsome Vasily Stepanov as my actor in the drama unfolding in the streets and tunnels of New York City.


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Thank you

Thanks to everyone who cheered me on before and after my recent trip to Hollywood.
Just to let everyone know, one producer picked up my book. It isn’ t movie time yet but someone was interested.
It was difficult to learn to sell a story in three minutes to people who listen to this all day long but despite being amateurs at the big sell, the opportunity was an amazing experience.
If things go further….. well, I keep my fingers uncrossed and pray.  Thanks for all your encouragement.


Front and back cover by Bryan Davies, Creemore ON

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Happy Birthday

To whom much is given, much is expected.  You have already done more than was expected of you.  Keep on the same path.

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He is not my President but he is an inspiring man and I wish him a very happy birthday today. For my 50th birthday I got my first grandson. He is fourteen now and entering high school in September. Time flies.
For his 50th, the President got more grief than he needed from a congress in America which seems to want contention more than it wants to continue its role as a world leader.
If the TEA Party really wanted to bring change to Washington, they should be working with the President. He is the real agent of change. Siding with the establishment has produced a stalemate of world crisis proportions and stalled any hope of recovery. Too bad..
In any case, I wish all the best to Mr. Obama and hope he will continue to try in the face of irrevent opposition.
BTW…I love Bill Maher but he was a real downer on The Ed Show. If you want magic then try to understand the role of POTUS. He does not have absolute control. He works with Congress not in his own sphere of law making and cheque signing at will. You can’t compromise with uncompromising people no matter how hard you try but you do have to try because he is the president of all America not just democrats. Now I see why you were never married Bill Maher.

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I wrote here extensively earlier this year when I was deeply disappointed in our national airline for failing to meet what i thought was the simple task of getting my luggage from the point of departure to the point of destination.  I received a heartfelt apology from the airline and of course some minor compensation was offered.  To be honest, I didn’t think I would ever use a discount because I hadn’t planned to travel but sometimes life surprises.

Indeed my recent trip to Hollywood was an unexpected bonus and the apology discount saved me a little bit.  Apart from the activities I needed to work on in Hollywood, I actually looked forward to experiencing a five hour flight.  I must say that the seats are far more comfortable on the wide body plane.  My long legs usually touch the chair in front of me and make for quite an uncomfortable and stiff ride.  I had a little more leg room.  Peoplke were helpful and friendly.  I was not entirely happy however.  It isn’t that I am picky.  I have been flying since 1949.  My first really conscious flight was in 1961 and my longest in 1966.  I am not a frequent flyer but longevity has given me some entitlement to speak on the subject of comfort flying.

I miss the food.  As a diabetic, I need to eat when I take insulin.  I don’t want to eat but the needs of my body overtake the needs of my circumstance and my desires.  I can eat all I want before beoarding but if my inner workings say I need food then please present me with meal options.  What happened to the days when you could get a hot meal.  I am not a sandwich eater, nor am I a lover of the meat wrap.  Nuts are good protein but hardly filling and chips are a no-no.  I smelled hot food on the plane and hunger for something substantial tore at my insides but there was nothing.

My latest complaint…we all pay for food.  Let one of the options be a hot meal for those who need it.  A five hour flight goes well beyond my time even if I stuff myself with a hearty breakfast but in this day and age, much preboarding time is spent taking off shoes and walking through metal detectors to make sure that there are no concealed weapons on your person.

I wonder if they consider a hot meal a weapon.  Next time I will get to the airport another hour earlier in order to eat and buy food. Or, I will save and save so that i can afford that delightfully expensive upgrade which gives a perfect bathroom, a seat that looks like the pod in a spaceship and leg room to not only stretch out but also elevate aching legs, and superservice which will include hot food.

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