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Aging leaves

When the fall comes and leaves change colour we are so taken with their beauty. And, they are truly lovely. I thought about what makes them so appealing. Of course, who can deny that the vista of reds, golds, orange, yellow, green shades truly create a unique palate of delight. It’s enough to take your breath away sometimes.
The truth is that the leaves are really in the last stages of their life. The ground is contracting and the life force is leaving them. Even as they dry out ready to fall to the ground in death, we see them at their most beautiful and vibrant. Why don’t we feel the same about our elderly. Their bodies are contracting into death, more rapidly as they age but they are still vibrant. Their hearts and minds hold so much knowledge and information. They deserve our admiration for the awesome contribution to this world and what we will lose of their life experience when they are gone. Not eveyrone writes an autobiography. Who will remember their lives?
After a long drive through country lanes bright with the shades of autumn, I attended a party where the oldest was 90 years old and the youngest just a few months.
The little one was often the centre of attention. He is delightful and engaging and yet our utmost respect should be paid to the elderly lady, well past even the autumn years of her life but still shiny and beautiful with all her colours glowing much like a very late harvest. Every time I see these shades of the changing seasons, I remember someone elderly who has taken the time to share a little of their life with me.

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