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Now that my book(s) is finally in my hands in a sizeable quantity, I am wondering why I don’t spend all my time pushing to get it out to market. Every day the publisher sends out loads and loads of opportunities to sell at show, parties, conferences which all sound good but cost money. Spend to sell sounds kind of weird to me. The first month I had this story up online it had a thousand hits, and 300 readers. I was quite staggered, not by the numbers but by the places in the world where people logged on to read. Even now, the stories I write for Beauty and the Beast, an ongoing series of stories taking the old TV show in to the present time, has quite a nice following. I am definitely interested in the numbers, there’s no money involved, but what I love is seeing the different places in the world where people read it. I would love to connect with those folk in Egypt or Finland who have taken the time to read a few chapters, love the stories and come back to read another book.
My 20 yerar odyssey to write The Will to be True has its own value and will be a legacy for my grandkids etc but on a daily basis, my world travel list is just as exciting. I hope the effort that goes into writing those stories will continue to be appreciated just as much as much as the effort which culminated in the book.


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