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I wonder myself. MSNBC might not be everything but ever listen to FOX? Republicans have media, grassroots, money and power. The democrats have to rise up and be a voice at all levels. GOP can say what they want against the president because there just isn’t enough backlash from people who care. As an objective outsider, this is what I hear. The GOP are ‘right’. To an untutored mind that means a lot.
OWS worked because they were a loud voice of many. This TOD is site is amazing and supportive but there needs to be more if the president’s agenda is to be heard. People may not like Van Jones but he said something critical on TV the other night. The left assumed that once the president got in, all would be well, that he had absolute power to make change with the stroke of a pen. That is so not true. Without a strong and deep grassroots which can rise up, swell up and show support for his policies, his battles, his ideas for change, he won’t get anywhere. He shouldn’t fight alone. Lots of people live in bubbles in which they see, only what has always been, as the ‘right’ way to go. They will continue to watch FOX and believe what they hear and see there as what’s ‘right’.
My point is that even when MSNBC or Jon Stewart say things which we don’t find appealing, the importance of using the negatives from ‘the left’ to galvanize folks is just as important. Right wing negatives make people indignant, left wing negatives should make people think about what’s missing, why did he say that and do what can be done to make change. They shouldn’t be tuned out and dismissed. I have learned more about American politics from these folks that I could ever have learned anywhere else.


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Throwing Hillary Rosen under the bus is disgraceful. Everyone did it today except for the President. Thank you to Terry O’Neill for giving full and practical voice to the comment while speaking on the Ed show. The comment was about choice. Mitt Romney does not support choice for the women of America who have little or no choice. Ann Romney had a choice which is denied to millions of women everywhere. I support Hillary Rosen.

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